“…we have been sitting on heaven! Fast, excellent work combined with graciousness and courtesy.”

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The cushions on our 9 year old sofa were in need of serious attention. They had become too soft and could no longer be ‘plumped up’. I came across Rogers Brothers on the internet and later on Etsy. I left a message on Etsy, giving details of my requirements and within 5 hours, received a reply asking me to call. I spoke to an extremely well-mannered and helpful assistant who gave me an approximate quote for 2 spring down seat cushions and 2 ultra down back cushions(all to fill our existing cushion covers). The process of sending my covers to Rogers Brothers was quick and easy; they fulfilled the job in 3 weeks; returned the cushions within 2 days after that and, since receiving my “new” cushions we have been sitting on heaven!
In an age where speed often takes a front seat to excellence Rogers Brothers have divined a way of combining both. Fast, excellent work combined with graciousness and courtesy. It’s a winner all the time and I don’t hesitate to recommend this company to friends, family and anyone reading this accolade. My thanks go out to Don, Matt, Elizabeth and everyone involved in fulfilling my order.