4. Choose cushion options

Spring Down

Our best cushion offers firm comfort due to an inner unit of individually wrapped 14-gauge coils springs, known as a Marshall Coil Unit. The springs are sewn into separate muslin pockets which are then hog ringed together at the top and bottom to form the Marshall Coil Unit. The Marshall Coil unit is wrapped with high-density polyurethane foam and a luxurious blend of goose down and feathers, which are secured in baffled chambers so that they do not shift or bunch. Our down is washed three times – once by our importer and then twice by our cushion fabricator. All of our covers are high-end cotton muslin.

Ultra Down

If you are looking for less firmness, our Ultra Down cushions offer luxurious comfort using a high-density polyurethane core wrapped in a luxurious blend of goose down and feathers. There are three levels of firmness: Ultra Down I, Ultra Down II and Ultra Down III. Ultra Down III is the firmest. Ultra Down I is our best seller.

Micro Plush

For those who are sensitive to down and feathers, we offer a Micro Plush cushion. The Micro Plush contains the same high-density polyurethane core, but is wrapped in soft poly-dacron fibers and covered with high-end cotton muslin.

Spring Micro Plush

For those who are sensitive to down and feathers but prefer the ride of Spring down, we offer Spring Micro Plush which contains a Marshall Coil spring unit surrounded with high-density micro plush polyester fibers.